Equipment Needs

Field Hockey Stick

Each camper will need their own stick. You can find sticks at retailers like Dicks, or online through Amazon or Longstreth.

When purchasing a stick, the rule of thumb is that the stick should measure from the ground to top of the hip bone when held against the leg. 

Mouth Guard

Everyone will need a mouth guard in order to play! It's best to pack more than one, as they get misplaced or can get dirty easily. Use a case or bag to keep them clean between uses.

Fitted, formed mouth guards are best as they stay comfortably in the mouth of players! 

Shin Guards

Each camper will need shin guards. There are many styles: shell, soccer or roll down shin guards and our campers can where which ever you have or are comfortable with! Just remember, if you have shells, you will need socks each day.

Water Bottle(s)

Lots and lots of water will be needed for everyone! As a reminder, due to COVID-19 protocols, we will not have a communal hydration area. Pack extra, as our campers use a lot of water while out on the turf! Don't forget to put your name on your bottles.

Goalkeeper Equipment

Campers who are goalkeepers will need to bring their own equipment, if they own their own set. If you do not have your own set, please reach out to us immediately so that the coaching staff and prepare a set for you.

Other Items to Consider:

Questions? Contact our Camp Director!

Coach Megan Atkinson: